Big energy saving week 17th – 23rd

It’s Big Energy Saving Week, which is by the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice, the aim of this campaign is to deliver key energy advice to people, helping them save money while keeping warm this winter.

Businesses produce 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions, compared with 27% for households. Electricity consumed by office equipment in the UK already costs £300 million each year and that figure is rapidly increasing, particularly with the continuing rise in energy prices. There’s no getting away from the fact that printing and copying can leave a significant carbon footprint. As part of our environmental commitment, we sell machines that include several eco-friendly features.

During this year’s Big Energy Saving Week 2022, we will share some easy steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption and make your print network more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Using our version of the 4 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Report.


Want to reduce energy from your busy MFP? Simple, switch it off. A photocopier left on overnight uses enough energy to produce over 1500 copies. (The Carbon Trust). Leaving your photocopier on standby overnight releases as much greenhouse gas over a year as driving from Cambridge to Paris and back again. It wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea. (The Carbon Trust)

Install a plug-in seven-day timer to reduce the likelihood of machines being left on out of hours. When we set up all our printers and MFD we put them in power-saving mode from the start.


Reuse, it’s time to rethink the throwaway culture. If you have devices in good working order, then we can include them on our Managed Print Service. Or you could consider our fully reconditioned pre-owned devices to reduce your carbon footprint.

Or maybe you’re wanting more from your current device, for example want to start doing booklets, instead of replacing it you might be able to add on the booklet accessory. We also offer free training that will help your staff get the most from your devices and meaning less downtime, better quality documents and reduced waste.


Recycling toner cartridges saves nearly 9600 kg of aluminium, 40 tons of plastic, and one million litres of oil for every 100,000 cartridges recycled. Many of these cartridges end up in landfills and incinerators, resulting in a huge environmental impact.

Our new UK based toner recycling system has a unique process that identifies, cleans, grinds, and separates plastic toners into graded plastic beads ready for re-use in a wide range of products across multiple industries.

Our refurbishment program gives devices a second life in smaller environments like charities, churches, and community organisations. We never send any of our products to landfill. Everything is repaired and reused.

We also sell and print all our marketing material on sustainable FSC Certified Recycled Fibre. For every tree that is cut down to make the paper, another 2 is planted in its place.


Although not officially part of the standard 3 R’s we find reporting to be one of the most important parts. Without reporting, we miss vital chances to fix machines.

The maintenance and wellbeing of your copier is an important part of keeping it running most efficiently. We have a dedicated team that are contactable via, email, call and online chat to help with any issues. We have online ‘how to guides’ and are always looking at new ways to impove our reporting skills.

If it is a machine breakdown, then one of our own Service Engineers will be on site the same day. Fully accredited, insured and DBS checked, our Engineers are all highly experienced and carry extensive car stocks, enabling them to achieve first fix rates of over 93%.

Whichever one of our MFP brands you choose, you can rest assured that we’ve chosen them for their sustainable manufacturing processes and commitment to the environment.

How are Weaver and Bomfords making sure we are a responsible supplier to our customers?

Alongside the print and supplier focussed sustainability we also follow some basic business practices to ensure we lower our carbon footprint and reduce energy in general.

Here are some of the ways we are doing this.

  • 100% Renewable Electricity with British Gas Light plc.
  • Paperless billing and internal management when possible.
  • We sell and use ethically sourced tea, coffee and general consumables like toilet paper and soap
  • Energy conservation (timed lights and heating)
  • Replaced old wooden windows with UPVC to presume the heat.
  • Supporting and using local suppliers.