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We’re a hard working, friendly team who are happy to help.

Meet The Team

Alan Lenton

Sales Director

Table tennis playing red wine drinker. Usually to be found cutting the grass and setting fire to things.

Suzanne Fleming

Commercial Manager 

If not at work Suzanne can often be found in Abersoch in a café. Dog lover and proud mother of two.

Jenny Lees

Sales Administrator

Animal lover and proud MCFC season ticket holder, Jenny is our girl Friday who can do almost anything.

Paul Gilligan

Technical Service Manager

A huge Salford Reds fan, our Service Manager Paul could be described as part of the furniture but he’s too busy moving !

James Benbow

Service Manager

Solutions specialist and all round tech. expert. At weekends he can be navigating a rally car around the countryside. Usually lives to tell the tale.

Jo Cameron

Company Accountant

Jo’s first Accountancy job was for Cadburys where her job title was Crème Egg Accountant. EGG-CELLENT fact for you! Also loves golf.

Karen Owens

Area Manager

First part of our Owens family duo. Half Welsh, handbag-loving Account Manager, Karen is coffee obsessed and when not visiting customers can generally be found in Costa.

Angela Degg

Service Supervisor

A voice of reason in the Service Department, Angela usually keeps everyone calm. She is a big Star Wars and Marvel fan.

Colin Owens


Part of our Owens family duo, Colin is often found in North Wales in his Caravan, or out walking his dog Sweep.

Jackie Derradji

Sales Administrator

Office supplies guru, proud mother and one of our longest serving staff members. Also great at towing a caravan.

Jenny P

Credit Controller

A long standing member of the team, on Fridays you can catch Jenny doing the pastry run. She also is a keen badminton player and has a pet dog called Reggie.

Barbara Bergmanis

Accounts Assistant

Our very own Mary Berry, who often treats the office to her baking. When she was little Barbara won a sandcastle competition organised by Nestle – must be where it started!

Tamara Shaffer

Business Development Manager

Travel obsessed, and mother of two . Proud owner of 1 million shoes and pointless kitchen accessories.

Dave Ackley

Service Technician

Another mountain bike aficionado, Dave usually has the injuries to prove it.

Richard Bradbury

Service Technician

Long standing staff member Richard loves mountain biking and loud music. And strong tea.

Tony Ward

Service Technician

Officially retired but not really. When he’s not doing Iron Man competitions, Tony still works part time.

Sue Lenton

Managing Director

Loves handbags and gardening. And the South of France. And her family. Probably in that order.

Chantelle Wright

Marketing Administrator

Loves her niece and nephew, her holidays and books. Can be often found talking about the latest vampire or werewolves book/film.

Daniel Arthur

Warehouse and Logistics

Huge music fan, if he’s not at a gig he’s got the radio on loud so we all know his music taste. Insert your own judgement.

Rob Ryan


Rob is the newest member to our team but don’t let that fool you! Rob can be found driving around in his classic R080 car at weekends and with a huge collection of tools it’s no wonder he continues to maintain such a classic car.