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Meet The Team

With the average length of service at 20 years, our team are highly experienced within the industry.

Alan L

Sales Director

Table tennis playing red wine drinker. Usually to be found cutting the grass and setting fire to things.

Suzanne F

Commercial Manager 

If not at work Suzanne can often be found in Abersoch in a café. Dog lover and proud mother of two.

Jenny L

Sales Administrator

Animal lover and proud MCFC season ticket holder, Jenny is our girl Friday who can do almost anything.

Paul G

Technical Service Manager

A huge Salford Reds fan, our Service Manager Paul could be described as part of the furniture but he’s too busy moving !

James B

Service Manager

Solutions specialist and all round tech expert. At weekends he can be navigating a rally car around the countryside. Usually lives to tell the tale.

Jo C

Company Accountant

Jo’s first Accountancy job was for Cadburys where her job title was Crème Egg Accountant. EGG-CELLENT fact for you! Also loves golf.

Karen O

Area Manager

First part of our Owens family duo. Half Welsh, handbag-loving Account Manager, Karen is coffee obsessed and when not visiting customers can generally be found in Costa.

Angela D

Service Supervisor

A voice of reason in the Service Department, Angela usually keeps everyone calm. She is a big Star Wars and Marvel fan.

Colin O


Part of our Owens family duo, Colin is often found in North Wales in his Caravan, or out walking his dog Sweep.

Jackie D

Sales Administrator

Office supplies guru, proud mother and one of our longest serving staff members. Also great at towing a caravan.

Jenny P

Credit Controller

A long standing member of the team, on Fridays you can catch Jenny doing the pastry run. She also is a keen badminton player and has a pet dog called Reggie.

Barbara B

Accounts Assistant

Our very own Mary Berry, who often treats the office to her baking. When she was little Barbara won a sandcastle competition organised by Nestle – must be where it started!

Tamara S

Business Development Manager

Travel obsessed, and mother of two . Tamara has a keen interest in helping our charity partners as well as the office projects. Always the first to suggest food.

Dave A

Service Technician

Another mountain bike aficionado, Dave usually has the injuries to prove it.

Sue L

Managing Director

Loves handbags and gardening. And the South of France. And her family. Probably in that order.

Richard B

Service Technician

Long standing staff member Richard loves mountain biking and loud music. And strong tea.

Daniel A

Warehouse and Logistics

Huge music fan, if he’s not at a gig he’s got the radio on loud so we all know his music taste. Insert your own judgement.

Rob R


Rob is the newest member to our team but don’t let that fool you! Rob can be found driving around in his classic R080 car at weekends and with a huge collection of tools it’s no wonder he continues to maintain such a classic car.