5 Things To Consider When Designing A Boardroom

Boardroom design

The boardroom is the room where some of your most important

business decisions will be made. It may also be the location for some of your most profitable deals.

Comfort is important, but the boardroom also needs to support your business processes while ensuring you put the best foot forward with new clients.

Boardroom Furnishing and Design Tips

Furnishing a boardroom is not difficult, but it’s all too easy to end up with a nondescript box with white walls, black chairs, and a brown table. To reflect your company’s values, you will need to think a little more creatively about your boardroom design to ensure it suits your needs.

Chairs and Tables

There isn’t a huge amount of room for creativity in the choice of chairs and a meeting table. However, some of your choices can reflect the way the boardroom feels.

All too often, businesses buy the most expensive chairs for the most important people, without considering whether they’re making the best use of space. Large chairs with armrests reduce the amount of room you have to maneuver around the room, and each other.

We recommend that you choose chairs that are identical, so everyone’s familiar with the mechanisms and there are no ‘reserved’ chairs for particular people.

Avoid the temptation to squeeze in too many chairs, since you may want to have space to stand up and present, or move around the space. Storage areas outside the room will allow for a less cluttered feel. And, where possible, choose a large table that encourages participants to make eye contact.

Wall Hangings

A whiteboard is a sensible addition to the boardroom, but think aesthetically too. Adding visual interest is a good way to warm up the room and create a link with your brand. Subtle colours make the room look more inviting, but avoid garish pictures. You may also need to plan space for a projector screen.

Bear in mind that wall hangings will appear on conference calls, so you may want to hang your whiteboard out of shot and arrange the rest of your wall hangings accordingly.

Lighting and Power

Overhead lighting is the best way to illuminate your table without glare. Consider wiring lighting in groups so that you can dim lights for presentations, and avoid fluorescent tubes that can flicker.

If you have fittings already, LED bulbs are a cost-effective way to introduce more pleasant light. It’s also a good idea to have some lower level lighting or task lighting for close work.

Likewise, power should be grouped through the room, with ample plug sockets around the area where your projector or video conferencing equipment will be.

If you’re fortunate to have large windows, you’ll need curtains or blinds to block the light on sunny days.

Comfort and Rest

Boardroom meetings can overrun, and you don’t want to lose half of your attendees when it’s time to grab a drink. Add a fridge or water cooler for easy access to refreshments so you can keep everyone focused and energised.

Avoid using noisy, old fridges or coffee machines that make a mess. And if space is limited, it might be better to place your refreshments just outside the door.

Free Boardroom Design and Planning

Weaver and Bomfords offers a free planning service for your new boardroom. Our experts will take a look at the space, look at the ways you plan to use it, and then come up with exactly the right furniture and accessories to make it a perfect fit.

For a quick chat, without obligation to buy, contact our friendly team now on 03456 123858.