Greener Printing

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Reduce your carbon footprint

We’ve long been advocates for the MFP; in fact we’ve built a business around them. These clever devices are better for the environment because they offer so much more than just a printed page. Sustainable print and document management is not only about printing less or using recycled paper, but also limiting the environmental impact of the whole product lifecycle, from manufacture, packaging and day-to-day use through to the end-of-life process.


Consider how to use less 

  • If you enable features like proof print and duplex, then you’ll cut toner use
  • Coupled with a follow-me print solution, you’ll also reduce unnecessary printing and paper use.
  • Our remote monitoring service only despatches toner as it’s required and as a result fewer toners are lost or left unused.
  • Take care to fit toners only when they are fully empty so that toner isn’t wasted. Many alert as ‘low’ when they are still 25% full.
  • If you identify and replace older, inefficient devices then you can save energy and reduce running costs.


Rethink the throwaway culture

  • If you have devices in good working order then we can include them on our Managed Print Service. Similarly, you could consider our fully reconditioned pre-owned devices to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • When you audit and evaluate your existing devices. you can highlight underutilised ones, removing them to reduce power consumption and toner use or relocating them to avoid buying new devices.
  • When toners are empty, make sure you have a responsible toner recycling system in place.
  • Together with a preventative maintenance schedule, you can extend and protect the useful life of a device and prevent it going to landfill sooner than it should.


Be a responsible recycler

  • We can collect any type of used toner cartridge but each of our toner recycling boxes can fit approximately 20 MFP cartridges.
  • You can have as many collection boxes as you need for branches or departments.
  • Simply notify us when the box is full and we’ll arrange a collection. 
  • Our new UK based recycling system can provide you with an annual waster transfer note.
  • Contact your account manager for details.


Keep improving

  • When you have accurate reporting on your devices, it highlights areas where you can improve.
  • Whenever you use a document solution, you can markedly change user behaviour into reducing waste.
  • Simple digital workflows also control and prevent unnecessary document output.
  • Remote monitoring controls the amount of consumables and toners despatched, making sure they aren’t lost or discarded. It also gives clear insights into user behaviour.
  • Our toner recycling system is fully audited with WTNs provided as required.

Our experts can help you to make your MFPs and Printers greener