Social Distancing at WorkHow to improve Social Distancing at work.

As businesses adjust to social distancing at work as the new normal, we’ve gathered together some practical ideas to make your workplace safer.

Keep your distance

Stagger start times to avoid surges in staff numbers in common areas. Introduce one way systems to minimise accidental contact. We have a range of Social Distancing signs and tape that can help to make it clear where and how people should move around the workplace.

Help staff maintain their social distancing at work by giving them a clearly defined personal working space.  Our range of safety screens will create a hygienic barrier in between co-workers.  Extend existing screens or create cubicles from user-friendly easily cleanable Perspex to maintain communication and visibility.

Maintain hygiene standards

Although cleaners are allowed to work, it is essential give staff clear guidance about the importance of personal and work space hygiene.

In shared spaces, document routines for regular cleaning including but not limited to; door handles, taps, switches, key pads and hand rails. Consider propping non-fire doors open with door stops to minimise contact. Provide hand sanitiser at frequent contact points – by entrances and exits and near to shared equipment, including MFPs and printers.

Provide a ‘cleaning kit’ of anti-bacterial wipes or sprays for individual workstations and document a routine for cleaning requirements.  Make sure ‘phones and keyboards are sanitised regularly, along with arm rests and worktops.

Discourage the use of shared office supplies items, including pens, staplers and calculators.


Consider changing the way kitchens and rest areas are used. Create more catering areas or set up rotas for access to facilities to improve social distancing and reduce contact. Individual kettles has been the preferred option for one of our customers

Provide disposable cups, plates and cutlery.  Keep anti-bacterial wipes or spray next to common items such as kettles and microwaves.  Provide single use paper towels and waste bins for hygienic disposal.

Use clear signage to stress the importance of hand washing at all times.

Using office equipment

One close to our hearts for obvious reasons, there are lots of ways to use your MFP and printers more safely.

We don’t advise using any kind of liquid spray as this can cause problems, however an anti-bacterial wipe won’t damage your device.  Keep a tub of wipes nearby and wipe the screen, keypad and drawer handles before and after you use it.

Print don’t copy.  Output the work to the device via your printer driver from your PC, that way you’re only collecting paper.  As this has gone through the device at significantly high temperatures the risk of infection from printed work is almost nil.

Use ‘follow me’ printing as reduced queues at the device mean better social distancing at work. When releasing the job from the screen, use a personal stylus or hygiene key. This will minimise contact with the screen and keypad.  We’re supplying these free of charge to our customers – call us on 03456 123858 to order yours.

Remote Working

We know that many people have largely adapted to working from home however, one of the biggest complaints has been the lack of a comfortable work space.

Dining or kitchen chairs aren’t designed for long periods of use. Supplying staff with the correct type of seating could prevent future problems.

Staff are proven to be more productive if their environment is better organised. Offering them the option of a suitable desk and storage could make a huge difference to their output.

Access to data has been a challenge for everyone. Our document storage solutions have helped customers to make remote working easier and more efficient.

We’ve been operational throughout the crisis thanks to loyal staff and customers.  Hopefully, with some thought and planning companies can make workspaces just that bit safer, establishing the new normal and getting the country back to work sooner rather than later.

Call us on 03456 123858 if you need any further advice and help – our office experts are ready and waiting!