Why It Might Benefit Your Business To Lease A Printer Or MFP

Lease A PrinterWe’re often asked here at Weaver & Bomfords whether it is better to lease a printer or MFP or if it is better to buy one outright. While either way may well be the preferred solution for your business, we’re going to look at the benefits of leasing a printer.

Firstly the main benefit of leasing a printer is cost related. Even with the exceptionally great prices you’ll find in the Weaver & Bomfords MFP and printer range, printers and MFPs are expensive and can take out a large amount of your working capital. There is also associated costs of servicing, maintenance, repairs trouble shooting, support, training, toners and ultimately being left with an obsolete device. This is where leasing comes into its own.

Our leasing packages come under our “Managed Print Services”. This is where all of your printing devices are managed by us. We undertake a print audit on your current devices and network and then create recommendations for you based on what will work best for the environment your business is in. The new leased printers are then installed by our experienced, fully accredited, DBS checked engineers and full training is then given in a manner which suits you best (one on one, drop in sessions, workshops for example). Once your devices are installed we will then assign you one of our friendly, expert account managers and a technical contact who will provide you with regular reports of usage, output and utilisation amongst other topics and give you recommendations for improvements. Your account is managed remotely by us so you don’t need to order toner, schedule maintenance services or have to pay for repairs. Not only does this save your staff time but allows for cost-saving measures to be implemented such as monochrome and duplex printing as a default setting, printing to the most efficient device. There is also the added benefit to the environment of introducing responsible printing and allows your business to go greener as there will be a decrease in jobs printed in error and in colour.  We also offer document solutions which can be used with the managed print service. It allows for the core document requirements – print, copy, scan and store – to become more secure through user identification, permissions management and digital storage either on the cloud or your local network, and making them more accessible to your staff with a document workflow meaning they spend less time looking for them.

Lease A PrinterWhen you consider your budget and actually paying for the devices, it may be that you don’t have access to large amounts of capital and would rather pay -as-you-use. Small fixed payments are a lot easier to manage and can easily be budgeted for helping to preserve the capital held in the business. There are also no more additional costs from services, maintenance, technical support or repairs. It is also worth noting that leasing a printer or MFP is tax deductible and can be declared as a business expense meaning the cost of leasing is further reduced.

Another great benefit of leasing printers is the upgrade options. When you purchase a printer or MFP, that’s it – it’s yours. But what happens when that device starts to require repairs or ultimately needs replacing? Or maybe the business has expanded and requires another device or the nature of your business has changed and you need a different type of printer? You have to buy another one…. And so the high expense continues. By leasing a device, you have many more options upgrade wise. Firstly maintenance and repairs are included in your plan and you can change the machine for a much lower cost. It is also easy to put in additional devices as with your managed print service we do the hard work for you.

Finally, leasing benefits your staff and your company standards. Often staff spend too much time on printing administration such as trouble shooting, ordering toner, dealing with breakdowns and organising services. They also might be sending their documents to an inefficient device or printing in error. By having your devices managed by us, it frees up their time to concentrate on their jobs. Leasing also sets a standard for your business especially if you have devices in multiple departments or across multiple sites. It allows for each department or site to have the same technology and same standard of printing as well as the same budget giving a unified standard.

So why choose Weaver & Bomfords to lease your printers from? We are experts in MFPs and printers and our team can help you to choose the right devices for your business and advise you on our managed print services. Whichever device you choose has free delivery and we offer you first class support from the first contact you have with us. You can also take advantage of our toner recycling service to use alongside your new leased MFP or printer. We are highly recommended by our customers and our community partners and pride ourselves on being straightforward to deal with from pricing to invoices and terms and conditions. Your leasing agreement with us is transparent and easy to understand with no hidden costs and no surprises.