Managed Print

Printing and copying costs are frequently underestimated and sometimes  overlooked during budget planning. How can this cost be analysed  in depth and ultimately reduced? Allow us introduce you to a Managed Print Service from Weaver & Bomfords.

Managed PrintA Managed Print Service from Weaver & Bomfords manages all your printing devices from development, administration and maintenance and ensures that your business or school’s needs are met for a low fixed cost per page. This is a comprehensive service  including  audits, training, evaluations, toner (on automated despatch), service and repairs, support from accredited engineers, a dedicated helpdesk (with online access), and emergency call outs.


We can help to cut your printing and copying costs. When you consider  costs include buying or leasing the printers, service and maintenance, electricity and the time staff spend organising  this, the actual figure  is much higher than the expected costs of the toner and paper. By paying a fixed cost per page, you can dramatically reduce these costs and as part of the service from us your printers can be set up to the specifications that most suit your business or school e.g. the default printer setting is monochrome and double-sided or ensuring print volumes are directed at the most efficient printers.

The time spent by your office staff on daily printer specific tasks is often frustrating. Whether it be the processes involved with the particular hardware, ordering toner or managing malfunctions, with a Managed Print Service the administration of printing is done for you remotely allowing your staff to concentrate on your business or school improving their productivity. We will properly configure and maintain your devices to ensure the print network is at its optimum efficiency which we monitor with reviews and audits. This ensures your Managed Print Service is always changing to suit the needs of your needs.

With cyber security often making the headlines this  important aspect  needs to be integrated into your printing network. During our review and audit process we will identify any security risks, implement any necessary changes and subsequently monitor your network. The changes we can make include introducing printers with automatic hard drive wiping, using a log-in system at the printer that ensures the person who has printed the document is the person who retrieves it from the output tray or suggestions to keep your local network more secure. A more secure print network means a more controlled print network. We can implement control systems to allow different permissions or print quotas for different user groups, for example the marketing department can print high volumes in colour on the high-specification multifunctional printer but the administration department are monochrome and duplex only. We can also provide you with reports by users or departments to highlight any potential opportunities to reduce usage.

By ensuring that fewer jobs are printed in error, less printing is done in colour and reducing the need for pre-printed material, the benefits to the environment include less paper and print consumables as well as a reduction in the amount of electricity used. Couple this with a toner recycling service , you are  then safe in the knowledge that your business or school is well on its way to becoming  more green and sustainable.

The Stages of Implementation

The first thing we will do is a print audit in to define your exact requirements .This is a comprehensive and detailed process  conducted over a set  time period . During the audit we will examine at your current printers and their environment , which have the greatest usage and cost, any that are underused , and those that are no longer required and finally when print traffic is at its heaviest.

Once your audit is completed we will have a useful set of statistical and financial data  to analyse and evaluate. We will also look at the office or school environment, the needs of the users, the needs of the business or school and any potential challenges. Once we have a clear strategy for your business or school, we will discuss with you our recommendations. This will include the best locations for your printers (which may include changing your current office or school set-up), the types of printers that are best suited for your needs, replacement of any current inefficient devices that are expensive to run, the possibility of the inclusion of any legacy printers that are relatively new that need not be wasted, the document and print settings that will achieve the highest cost saving, any security risks that need addressing, and any other measures that we believe will benefit your business.

The next stage is to come into your office or school and set up all the recommendations. At this point it is important that your staff have a full understanding of the new printers and processes and how it will benefit them and here at Weaver & Bomfords we offer a full training programme. We can train your staff in whichever method is best for your needs. That can be a drop-in session, one on one training, a workshop or a presentation. Our friendly, DBS checked engineers are highly experienced and will ensure the training process is as straightforward  as possible and  will ensure that every member of your staff is completely competent .

The final and continuing phase is to review and manage your Managed Print Service. We will assign you a dedicated Account Manager and technical contact who will be responsible for continuing to develop your service as per the needs of your business or school. You will be provided with regular reports that assess output, network volumes, device utilisation as well as any other systems you have in use, along with our recommendations for any improvements to be made. This ensures your service is running to its potential and you achieve the most savings.

Why Choose Weaver & Bomfords?

We have refined and developed our Managed Print Service over the last 10 years in order to make our solution as beneficial to you as possible. We have an expert team that remotely monitor your service and understand the challenges you face so as to make the right recommendations to you. Our Managed Print Service is proven to be effective and robust in reducing printing and copying costs for business and schools. All of our engineers that you speak to or visit you are accredited and DBS checked.

We offer a flexible service that is designed to suit your needs. We are not tied to one manufacturer and subsequently work with a number of high quality brands to provide you with the most reliable printers. We can also include existing printers in your service which enables nearly new devices to not be wasted.

Something that is very important to us is how we treat our customers and we pride ourselves on being easy and simple to deal with. Having being family owned and managed for almost 100 years, we know a thing or two about customer service, and we know it’s important that we are straightforward and transparent. Our pricing is simple with no sudden rises, there are no hidden fees, our invoicing is easy to understand, and our terms and conditions are clearly laid out. Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you may have, big or small, and can even advise you if you have found yourself trapped by unfair agreements.

Weaver & Bomfords believe it is important that we have a good working relationship with you. All our staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable . You will speak to the same service administrator, same engineer and same trainer who all have an in-depth understanding of your service and requirements ensuring you get the best service each and every time you  contact  us.

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