World Environment Day 2019

World Environment DaySince 1974, the United Nations have organised “World Environment Day” where each year a different country has hosted the official celebrations in which they highlight the environmental challenges they face and support the efforts across the world in order to address them.

For 2019 the host is China and the date is the 5th of June. Their theme this year is Air Pollution. Across the globe, nine out of ten people are exposed to air pollutants at a level that exceeds the safe standard set by the World Health Organisation. The consequences of such pollution is severe from respiratory problems, premature deaths and of course a factor in global warming.

Ultimately World Environment Day is about people doing something that has a positive impact on the earth. That could be something you do individually, such as turning an appliance or light off after use. It could be something you do as a family such as choosing a new microwave with a good energy efficiency rating or walking to the park rather than driving. Or it could be something you do as a business. We take a look at a few things that can be done to make your office greener.

Toner Recycling

Almost every office uses ink and/or toner cartridges and with 375 million empty cartridges thrown away each year, recycling has never been so important. Many toner cartridges unfortunately find their way into incinerators or landfill sites and considering most are made out of polymer, the effect on the environment could last up to 1,000 years due to the decomposition rate.

Here at Weaver & Bomfords we offer a toner cartridge recycling service which is simple and easy to use. We provide a collection box which is left with you until it’s full (it can hold approximately 20 MFP cartridges) and we will then take it away for recycling. Yes, it’s that easy!

Printing Solutions

Is the solution simply not to print? The paperless office has long been discussed, however printed documents are still an integral part of many businesses.  In fact, the average office worker in the UK uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, 6,800 of which are thrown away.

Of course some documents and reports need to be printed but often the printer is utilised without a thought for the environment (not to mention company costs). That’s where a Managed Print Service can help.

A Managed Print Service from Weaver & Bomfords manages all your printing devices including MFDs, scanners, printers and wide format printers. The service allows your business to improve productivity, deal with printing issues quickly, reduce costs and the environmental footprint all for a low fixed cost per page.

Eco Stationery and Furniture

Ordering office stationery has never been so easy but have you ever thought how environmentally friendly are the products you buy? Save money and help the environment by ordering from us recycled items such as lever arch files to highlighter pens and mouse pads, all of these can be ordered from us that are made from recycled materials.

We sell a wide range of UK manufactured furniture which can include up to a 10 year guarantee. The lead time can be as low as 3 weeks and we offer a full set up and removal service.





Eco Friendly and Recycled Promotional Products

Not only can you order stationery products from us that help the environment, we also have a range of eco friendly and recycled promotional products. These products can be customised to help your brand stand out from the crowd and help you to get your message across to your customers.

Here at Weaver & Bomfords, we are actively involved in looking for ways to make our business greener and we hope we have given you some ideas to take up in your own office. If you like further advice regarding any of our greener services, call one of our friendly team on 03456 123 858.

Getting involved? Use the hashtags #WorldEnvironmentDay and #BeatAirPollution