Should You Rent Or Buy An Office Photocopier?

Rent or buy an office photocopierPhotocopiers are some of the most expensive devices that we purchase for our office. And yet for many staff, they are also the most essential tool apart from their desktop computer. If your business is currently using a desktop multifunction device, and its starting to feel limiting or slow, it might be time to look at buying or leasing your own full-size photocopier instead.

Buying and leasing will both result in a brand new machine for your office. But what are the pros and cons? It arguably depends on the size of your business and the way that you prefer to invest in tech. At Weaver and Bomfords, we believe that short term rental offers the best solution for small businesses and startups.

Buying vs Leasing a Copier

Renting a photocopier gives you access to a dedicated machine for as long as you need it. The obvious advantage is the lower upfront cost, but there are others too. For example, you could bundle the supply of toner and paper into the contract, making it more convenient to own the machine over time.

The downside of leasing is that the machine will inevitably cost longer than it would if you walked into a store and bought it outright. However, for small businesses, the trade-off is likely to be more than acceptable, considering the price of a brand new machine and the dent that it would make in your cashflow.

Buying outright is still the way to go if you have the money available and you want to avoid signing up to lease agreements. This helps to avoid committing to fixed payments each month, and leaves you free to buy consumables from any other vendor. The downside, of course, is that your cash is tied up.

Avoiding Photocopier Breakdowns

Like any piece of office technology, a photocopier is vulnerable to increasing problems over time. There’s nothing more frustrating than a machine constantly being jammed, or failing to work at all.

This is one of the downsides of outright purchase; your machine will be out of date within a few years, and is likely to need maintenance in the meantime to avoid it becoming an expensive waste.

This is one area where leasing is the obvious solution, since you have the option to renegotiate your agreement and obtain a newer copier if yours is failing. Additionally, leased copiers tend to include installation and maintenance, so you don’t have the constant worry of arranging repairs and servicing.

Short-Term Photocopier Rental

Weaver and Bomfords don’t tie you in to long-term photocopier lease agreements. We offer short-term photocopier rental that’s ideal for new businesses still finding their feet.

In fact, we also lease copiers for one-off events, and we can also deliver all of the consumables you need to keep your photocopier stocked up and working smoothly.

For more information about our photocopier rental services, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly sales team. We supply photocopiers and printing services to businesses all over Cheshire from our office in Middlewich, and we’re looking forward to supplying the perfect photocopier for your needs.