Buying an office printer: The Essentials

Office PrinterOffice printers represent a key investment for your business. They can also represent a sizeable operating expense, as every page you print incurs an additional cost.

When you choose a printer for your business, there are certain thing you should consider.

Printer or MFP?

Desktop printers can seem like great value as a low-cost initial purchase.  However, it’s all about the total cost of ownership and printer ink is more expensive than gold..!  If you simply need to print lots of documents then the most cost effective option is a network printer. Choose the Kyocera P7240 . supported by a Managed Print service and you’ll benefit from low printing and no expensive surprises. If you need your device to be able to do more, like print, scan and copy, then choose from our  MFP Range 

Do I need colour?

You need to create the right impression for your business and there’s no doubt that professional, colour documents help do that. However, printing in colour can be expensive, especially if it’s not properly controlled.  The cost of colour devices has reduced significantly over the last few years and you can now print and copy in colour for a lot less than you might think.  Put simple Accounting Controls in and you can limit how much colour printing and copying can be done.  Make sure your device benefits from a Managed Print service and you’ll keep costs low and avoid expensive repairs.  Even better, add legacy devices to the same service and you’ll immediately reduce their costs.

Who’ll sort out breakdowns?

The temptation is to wait until your new device breaks before you find someone to repair it. It’s a false economy, especially if you’re producing any kind of volumes. A Managed Print service will fix your costs at an agreed price per page so that you don’t have any unexpected bills.  Everything is included and it can really minimise your downtime if you choose the right supplier with fast response times and remote support.  You’ll also reduce hidden costs like time spent on toner administration and IT support for minor jams and user issues.

How will I manage users?

Data security of all kinds is more important than ever. you need to be sure you’re protecting both your users and your data and beleive it or not your printers and MFPs can help.  With clever embedded solutions, you can easily control User access, keep data secure and enable quick and secure scanning of documents.

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