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Scanning and Document Management

Access to your business information made easy

The paperless office. We’re all still waiting….In the meantime our scanning and document management systems can help you to get control of your business documents.

Solutions embedded on the control panel of your MFP will give you quick and efficient document scanning. Rename, add metadata, direct to shared or personal folders using information from the document itself – whatever you want to do, we have a solution to make scanning more efficient. Retrieving documents can be made easier too with clever solutions to analyse, categorise and find information right across your network.  Whatever format your work is stored in, we can help you to search and find important documents quickly and easily.  With fully configurable permissions, your documents are secure and your data only available to authorised people.

We can help with storage solutions too.  Cloud based systems that integrate with Office 365, Sharepoint Services and much more to make storage and retrieval from anywhere easy.

Our experienced solutions specialists would be happy to provide you with advice and help on introducing a document management solution for your business.

Why not talk to one of our experts to find out more about our  scanning and document management solutions.

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