How To Design Your Office For Maximum Productivity

Office DesignEmployee productivity is a hot topic at the moment, and businesses across the UK are looking for ways to maximise work efficiency. The right tools are important, but so is the environment that we work in.

If your business occupies an old building, or still has fixtures and fittings from the 1970s, it’s almost certainly due some TLC. Your employees are likely to feel much more comfortable if you create modern room layouts, and by upgrading your office, you’ll also ensure that you’re compliant with relevant laws around appropriate office seating.

Comfort and Versatility

Different businesses have different priorities, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to office design. But there is one constant requirement: a certain amount of flexible space that serves different purposes at different times.

Cramming desks in will result in people feeling claustrophobic and hemmed in, with little chance of meeting anywhere except at a desk. Providing breakout rooms and soft furnishings allow meetings to take place away from work space, offering both comfort and privacy.

Increasingly, we’re seeing companies designate certain rooms as multi-use, multi-purpose spaces. These might serve as video conferencing rooms in the morning, break spaces over lunch, and valuable brainstorming rooms for project teams as the day wears on.

By equipping spaces with multimedia hardware, you also also minimise the damage that can occur when they are moved around the building.

Designing Workspaces

Ergonomically, it’s important to get the right seating for the job. We’re big fans of lounge chairs for personal working, but you probably wouldn’t kit out the entire office in sofas. Office chairs still have their place, but with a wealth of designs and styles available, it can be difficult to choose one chair that suits everyone.

Here’s the first important point. Your chairs should fit the tallest and widest people comfortably. So ensure that you have a broad, flat seat and a tall backrest. When shopping for office chairs, you must ensure that they are height adjustable to allow for different leg lengths.

Although gas lift chairs work well, there have been cases of damage and injury when used by larger people. It’s important that your staff know not to inspect chairs for damage if they start to feel unstable or wobbly, since turning a broken chair over can cause parts to suddenly pop off the frame.

Back rests and armrests are not essential, but are definitely beneficial if you can obtain chairs that have them. When you’re assembling your chairs, you should ensure that the armrests don’t prevent you from pulling the chair up to the table. If mesh-backed chairs are within your budget, they can help provide extra comfort in warm summer months.

Professional Office Design Services

To maximise your space, and ensure that your seating is suitably compliant with health and safety law, we recommend that you consult our team for office design advice. We’re experts in office seating and multi-purpose interiors, so we can suggest the right furniture and supply it when you’re ready to upgrade.

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