Don’t Shelve Plans For Extra Reading Spaces This World Book Day!

Book storage solutions for schoolsToday’s children are growing up in a digital world where it seems like everything they will ever need is available at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen.

But while the internet and related technologies are causing profound changes in education and how we share and discover information in general, no one should discount the role books still have to play in learning and child development.

That is why, on Thursday 7nd March, schools up and down the country will once again be celebrating World Book Day with events to celebrate favourite books, treasured stories and the plain old joy of reading. And the reason why events like World Book Day are so strongly backed in education is simple – countless studies demonstrate a clear correlation between reading for pleasure from an early age and academic achievement.

Not just in English, either, but across the board.

At a time when there are more demands on children’s attention than ever before from smartphones, tablets, video games and other gadgets, the battle to get children reading has taken on new significance. Books provide a vehicle to inspire creativity and imagination in young minds, familiarity with the styles and forms of narrative help to build general communication and reasoning skills. And apart from all that, books remain an exciting and engaging way to learn about the world around us.

Book storage solutions for schools

For schools, it is a case of using events like World Book Day to generate a buzz around reading, and then sustaining that momentum through the rest of the year. One important way of doing this is to have a healthy stock of quality books available in classrooms and school libraries to suit all ages, interests and reading levels. It also helps to create dedicated spaces for reading that are welcoming and attractive to young people, which make them excited about spending time there reading a book.

But therein lies the issue for many schools – space. Unlike the fathomless archives of information that reside on the internet, books take up room. If you want to expand your reading areas and your libraries, you need places to put all your books.

It might not seem as glamorous as dressing up as your favourite story character or acting out scenes from a famous book, but storage space matters for schools that are serious about reading. If you would love more books, if you would love to create more reading resource areas around the school but just don’t see where you can squeeze them in, don’t despair. There is always a storage solution.

At Weaver & Bomfords, we supply everything you need to add more storage capacity for all your school resources in an organised yet accessible way. What is more, we offer a free design and planning service to help you make the most of the space available with bespoke shelving and cupboard options. Once we have shown you how to organise the space for your new books, then you can get on with the fun part of creating bright, colourful, inspiring reading areas.

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World Book Day® is a charity sponsored by National Book Tokens.