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Short Term Equipment Rental

Temporary offices? Special event? New business? Our flexible rentals are the answer.

Today’s businesses need to be flexible. In a commercial world of outsourcing, remote-working and constant change and development, the needs of your business may change from month-to-month depending on your calendar and goals.

With our rental service, you can rent printers, copiers and MFPs for a timeframe that suits your current business needs.  You’re not tied in to a long term contract and it’s easy to add and remove devices. There’s no working capital tied up in equipment and no onerous financial commitment. Our short-term printer rental is an easy way to get the task in hand done without breaking the bank.

Ideal for companies in the construction, housing and hospitality sectors who need devices and support in temporary or awkward locations, short term rental is also ideal for new and growing businesses, for events and exhibitions and for pop-up locations.

Including installation, maintenance and support for the duration of the agreement, it’s a trouble-free way to improve your business efficiency. Why not get in touch to find out more?


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