PaperCut MF is now even more affordable with a FREE server license for networks with less than five embedded devices.
Why not trial this clever software to see how your business could benefit?

Today’s MFPs are smarter and PaperCut MF uses this technology in a variety of ways. Popular features include user authentication, enhanced security, follow me print and web based printing.  At the simplest level users can authenticate with PIN code or via network username and password. Alternatively ID cards or fobs can be integrated with your network’s user directory or a database (e.g. door access control system or cashless catering). Watermarking allows you to automatically add a username or other metadata to the bottom of every page to indicate the document owner. It can also include a unique digital signature which allows you to track document origin to enhance security and encourage responsible printing.
PaperCut’s Follow-Me printing feature enables users to print to a global virtual queue. Jobs are paused and only printed when the user releases the job at any MFP. Follow-Me printing minimises waste and has been shown to reduce printing output by up to 20% in busy office environments. The introduction of iPads, mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and BYO devices have brought a new set of challenges to the printing landscape. PaperCut can help solve these problems with native iPad print support and web based driverless printing. Users of these devices have access to the full range of features including authenticating, account selection and ‘find-me’ printing in a simple user interface.