Our Guide to Managed Print Services

Posted In Weaver Bomfords Blog   |   16th March 2017

What is Managed Print?

Printing and copying is often an under-estimated business expense.

It can prove time consuming for IT and FM departments, with hidden costs including printer breakdowns, toner administration and lost productivity.

A Managed Print Solution enables companies to outsource the development, administration and maintenance of their copying and printing network to a chosen supplier for a fully inclusive fixed cost per page.

Most Managed Print Solutions include a comprehensive service and support package fully inclusive of toner, consumables, parts, maintenance and emergency call out and repairs. There are other services available which may include only supplies or only technical support and you should be careful to establish exactly what is being provided.

Some suppliers will only support new equipment, others will accept existing or legacy devices although devices may be subject to inspection.

Billing is usually done in arrears for prints & copies used and if authentication is used, management information on usage and volumes can also be provided.


The benefits of Managed Print

Reduction of print and copying costs. The hidden costs of toner and breakdowns are eliminated. By consolidating print volumes you can achieve a lower cost per page. The latest devices, correctly configured and maintained, are more reliable, cheaper to run and produce better quality work.

Reduction of Waste. By introducing authentication, it’s possible to control colour printing, reduce wasted and uncollected work and develop a print on demand environment, removing the need for pre printed material including letterheads, price lists, lesson plans, workbooks and marketing material.

Improved productivity. Staff can concentrate on your business rather than managing printers. Free up IT resources, eliminate toner purchasing and administration, improve workflows, and reduce printer downtime.

Increased control. Report on print volumes by user, department or client. Set up user groups with different permissions or print quotas. Allow users to purchase additional print credit.


Choosing your Supplier

Not all Managed Print Services are the same. In choosing your MPS provider, you should choose a supplier that you can work with and trust. You need to be confident that they can provide first class technical support, proven reliable systems and competent experienced staff.

Remote monitoring is an essential part of a reliable MPS. Is the software proven? Will it maintain network security whilst providing reliable information? Will it work equally well with different devices?

Consumables are usually despatched when a device alerts. What procedures are in place to make sure the supplies reach the correct device? Are the toners original or compatible supplies?

How are devices maintained? On a planned maintenance basis – that pre-empts problems? Or only when the device has broken down? Are parts original OEM parts?

Engineers need to be capable of looking after a mixed fleet of devices that may have significantly different requirements. Are they sufficiently experienced and fully accredited?

Minor end user issues might prevent someone from printing. What kind of remote or helpdesk support is available?

Invoicing can be made complicated. Can you have one single invoice showing all the information for all your devices? Are you being charged for actual usage in arrears or are readings estimated and charged in advance? Are there any minimum charges?

Our experience in Managed Print Services means that we are able to provide customers with a solution that reduces their costs and improves reliability. MPS from Weaver Bomfords is straightforward way for you to get control.


What to do next

Audit and evaluate. A simple print audit will analyse your system and identify your true requirements. It will highlight when print traffic is at its heaviest, where the busiest or costliest devices are, where the most colour is used and which devices are under utilised or unnecessary.

Rationalise your printer fleet. In replacing the devices that are costing you the most to run, it’s possible to make significant savings straightaway. Its also nearly always possible to improve productivity and workflows with a properly configured network. A mix of new and legacy devices usually delivers the greatest benefits at the start of a new Managed Print Solution.

Introduce authentication. In making users accountable for their print and copy output, you can make even greater savings. Particularly helpful in environments with lots of users, you can set page of financial quotas, output permissions and charging options. So pupils, projects or clients’ work becomes rechargeable.

Refine. This shouldn’t be a one off exercise. Your system should be reviewed on a regular basis to incorporate developments in technology and reflect any changes in your business. A good MPS will give you accurate reports and management information, enabling you to make decisions based on actual output and network volumes.


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