Reception furniture

Designed to help you create the right first impression.

Your reception area usually creates that crucial first impression for visitors, staff and customers and should ideally say only good things about your business.  There may be lots of demands placed on the area or it might be a small space that needs to be made the best of, whatever the constraints, it should be practical, stylish and offer a warm welcome.

We can design multi-use spaces with areas to work, meet with visitors or have coffee. We can create bespoke reception furniture that reinforces your company’s image, prominently displays your company logo and mirrors your organisation’s colours.  Or we can simplify and streamline the main entrance and exit to your building.

Whatever you want your reception to be, we can help to make it a useful, holistic space and make sure the first impression of your business is the right one.

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We can create a bespoke reception area for your business.


Expert design can help you create an impressive space.

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