Office Lunches Made Easy

29th March 2018

The first in an occasional recipe series – simple stuff we make in our office kitchen, which has a fridge, microwave, a kettle and a toaster. We take it in turns to replenish a basic kit of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, black pepper and sea salt that everyone shares to save waste.

This is literally the easiest salad to make but it tastes delicious and is very healthy. You will need: Mackerel fillets or small tin of tuna, small tin chickpeas,  red onion, handful salad leaves, slice of bread

If you have an office toaster, toast a thick piece of decent bread, preferably sourdough.  Drizzle it with a little olive oil and set aside.

In a bowl or mug, put some olive oil, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice (a plastic one you can keep in the office fridge will do) beat together with a fork until emulsified.  You could do this in an empty jam jar – just shake (with the lid on..!) – make extra and it will keep for ages in the fridge.

Add some chopped red onion and a small drained tin of chickpeas. Swish it all around until everything is coated in the dressing.  Add a handful of your favourite salad leaves – rocket is especially good with this – and then pile it all on to the toasted bread. (You can also use any other bits of salad you’ve got lying around but just leaves works fine) Top with tuna or flaked mackerel fillets and drizzle with the last bit of the dressing.

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