Choosing a Printer For Your Workplace

27th July 2017

Purchasing a new printer for your office is a task which shouldn’t be underestimated. You’re going to be making a long-term investment, buying equipment which will need to respond to a variety of scenarios. A good printer will effortlessly see you through those hectic days where it’s all hands-on deck. It may need to serve your HR department, CEO and assistants, and it may even need to power through overnight whilst everyone is sleeping. With all this in mind, you’ll need a quality brand, built for longevity and durability, so it’s best to take a few things into consideration before taking the plunge.

Multifunction Device or Desktop Printer?

Traditionally desktop printing may have been a favoured option for achieving a high quality finish where large volumes of printing were required. The devices were reliable, efficient and cost effective when taking printing costs into account and being compact, they were considered to be space saving.

However, technology has rapidly advanced in recent years, bringing with it new equipment and concepts to the working place.  The multifunction printer – a device incorporating a printer, photocopier, fax machine and scanner – is now an integral component of the modern office and is ideal for use in limited environments.

The advantages of multifunction devices can easily be seen.  Whilst a desktop printer is less expensive to purchase, you’ll find that integrating the functions of a printer, scanner, photocopier, etc, into one device keeps running costs under control.  It eliminates the need to purchase a range of consumables – paper, inks, toners etc – and also cuts down on energy usage and maintenance / repair costs.  Needs and print solutions obviously vary from office to office, but in the long term the multifunction device operates at a lower cost per page than the desktop printer.

Size – Where will it be positioned?

Once you’ve considered the performance aspects of a printer, you will need to look at its physical size. Do you have a decent amount of office space? How many people or departments may need to gain access to the printer?  Have you considered all relevant privacy and security implications? These are all important elements to bear in mind before making a final purchasing decision.

Multifunction devices, generally being centrally located, take up less space overall than a range of desktops. It could be argued that desktop printers are more convenient in terms of offering privacy for printing sensitive documents and also for staff not having to leave their workstation, but again the importance of this will vary according to individual needs and requirements. 

Future technology – Versatility and Compatibility

When purchasing any item of office equipment it is vital to consider its potential longevity and compatibility with future office needs.  As with desktop printers, multifunctional devices vary in their sophistication and functionality, but long term versatility and technological capability must also be taken into account.

There are multifunction printers currently on the market which incorporate wireless technology.  This gives far greater functionality in terms of connectivity between laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets and can completely transform office efficiency.  Imagine being able to convert paper documents into digital files which can then be sent to computers or emailed to clients worldwide straight from the device.  Obviously the need for this function would depend on the size and nature of your organisation, but clearly these enhanced networking capabilities will not only result in time, labour and overall cost efficiencies but also keep pace with technology.

The initial outlay of purchasing office equipment is also a factor to consider. The advantages of the additional features multifunctional printers provide are instantly apparent, but do also bear functionality in mind against your specific need – location of device, how many people it must serve – security aspects – overall running costs and above all, finding the most suitable brand for your business.

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