Marketing on demand using a Multi Function Printer (MFP)

Posted In Weaver Bomfords Blog   |   5th September 2017

Why DIY?

Marketing can be expensive and time consuming and in tough economic times, it can be hard to justify. One way to reduce your marketing costs is to do it yourself.

Even if you’ve never done it before, with a few basic skills you can produce great looking documents and with an MFP on your network, print them in full colour at minimal cost. Each print produced on an MFP costs a fraction of the price of an inkjet or traditional laser printer, making short run production perfectly possible and economical.

Doing your own artwork cuts costs and gives you maximum flexibility. If a price or product changes you can immediately change your leaflet or price list, making you able to react quickly to changing market conditions.

If you’re lucky enough to have a marketing department, you can still make full use of the MFD to reinforce your corporate identity. Print and store high quality internal documentation; training manuals, company newsletters, standard forms – any document that needs to be easily accessible to everyone.

Print on demand

If you need huge volumes, it’s always going to be cheaper to have leaflets professionally printed. But what if you need a few hundred? Or want to make minor changes? Or maybe have several companies in your group? This is where the print on demand environment comes in to its own.

Print exactly what you need. Save documents on the device and staff can print them as they are required. Change of details? Just amend the artwork and you’re ready to go. Want to react quickly to a competitor’s offer? Produce and print leaflets in half an hour.

Produce invoices and letterheads in a single print, eliminating the need for preprinted stationery. Simply save an electronic version on the hard drive of your device and select which letterhead or form you want to use when printing your document. It’s printed at the same time as your work.

Print on demand saves money, is environmentally friendly and enables you to react quickly in fast-changing markets. It also improves productivity and reduces waste.

Why you should use an MFP

DIY marketing is a cost-effective, simple way of promoting your business and by getting more out of your MFD, you’re reducing the total cost of ownership still further.

Finishing and document handling. Multi Function Printers (MFPs) usually have a huge range of finishing options that can help you to create a wide range of different documents quickly and easily. Booklet makers, staplers, folders and inserters, bulk paper drawers can all be added to and MFP to increase performance. Reduce and enlarge documents without adjusting the original file, print banners, produce pre-folded leaflets or folded and stapled booklets, insert pre-printed items, add covers and even bind.

Hard drive storage. Most MFPs have a memory that you can use to store and organise marketing materials, making them accessible to everyone in your organisation, even without network access. Print one leaflet for an individual customer or two hundred for a mailshot—it will always be the latest version and print settings can be saved with the document, making sure you get a perfect result each time.

Paper weights, sizes and special materials. An MFP can process papers and materials of all finishes, weights and sizes, often straight from the paper drawer. Card, glossy paper, banners—you can get as creative as you want. You can also use specialist papers, including no-tear, waterproof and transfer paper, enabling you to create point of sale materials, exterior labels and prototype product designs.

Full bleed print on SRA3. For professional marketing departments it’s often necessary to produce oversize prints. MFPs can use SRA3 and SRA4 allowing you to produce high quality proofs and sample documents. They also produce small run quantities cheaply and quickly – making them ideal for urgent work or a quick turnaround.

High quality scanning. Duplex scanning can create PDFs of externally printed documents. Rather than a fifth generation copy, you can have a quality version each time you need it. Ideal for creating, saving and sharing PDFs quickly and easily.

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