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GDPR Compliant Printers

We can keep your network secure

Is your business compliant?

From May 2018, the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation comes into force, meaning companies must protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or risk heavy fines.  Whilst much of the focus is on online data, companies also need to make sure that physical data is protected, so businesses should think about what happens to the information that they copy, print and scan.

Physical Security threats

MFPs can print, copy, fax, scan and store documents in seconds.  They can also copy them to an easily concealed USB memory stick or distribute them via email and fax to any destination. They are often located in unsecured areas and are accessible to multiple people, so confidential information can be deliberately or accidentally copied from stored documents, or taken from the output tray and scanned or faxed without authorisation.

Network Security threats

MFPs are usually connected to the network and unless correctly configured, could enable unauthorised access.  In addition data stored on the hard drive or in the memory can be compromised, altered or stolen.  In extreme cases it would also be possible for the device to be used to put a virus on your network, unleash a phishing attack or to launch a denial of service attack.

How we can help

Secure your network

Make sure only authorised users can access your network by implementing one of our security solutions.

Control your print output

Stop confidential documents lying on the printer or being thrown into the bin by securely releasing documents at the device.

Store information safely

Control how and where documents are scanned and stored onto your network and prevent unauthorised access.

Forget your users

Allow users to exercise their ‘right to be forgotten’ across your printing network easily.

Special small business offer

If you have less than 100 users and no more than five devices, we’ve got a great offer on an easy to use authentication software solution.  A great way to make your printers and copiers GDPR compliant, it can be installed and configured from as little as £350.00 per device.

With lots of other benefits including user controls, management reports and follow-me printing, this is a sophisticated solution at a great price.  Call us on 03456 123858 to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our experts, or leave your details below and we’ll get back to you.

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We’re offering a free security audit of your printing and copying network. We’ll identify areas of potential risk and provide you with information and advice on making your network GDPR compliant.

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